As a selectboard member from Whately who has forged regional partnerships on senior center services, ambulance operations and other critical issues facing our residents, I know how local government is pivotal to getting things done in our state.  As an energy and marketing professional who has spent the past decade and more fighting climate change through increased awareness and demand for energy efficiency and clean energy, I know the important place energy has for both our environment and our economy.  As an advocate for economic development, I know how thirsty Massachusetts' residents are for new, good paying jobs, and I realize how badly Massachusetts needs to be the birthplace of the next jobs revolution.  As a youth baseball and soccer coach, I know the important place that cities and towns have in giving our children a safe and positive place to grow and thrive outside of school.  

There are 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts, and I want to be the Lieutenant Governor who is the voice, ears and partner for each of those towns and the people who live, work and play in those towns.